Carole Mercedes - About me

About me

Make your life your success

I love:

  • True smiles
  • Honest people instead of comfortable ones
  • Giving it all
  • Not believing in hardliner realists
  • Staying hopeful and believing in the best even if everyone thinks this is childish…
  • Children and the way the live in the moment.
  • Teenagers and the “believe to know it all” and their unbelievable drive to “proof you wrong”
  • running into a snowing night
  • creek running (flowing rivers and streams all the way to the start where they spring) 
  • jogging in the summer rain
  • Hanging with good friends
  • Visions and ideas
  • Start up’s and innovations
  • Cycling in every variation and style
  • Beach hikes
  • The smell of new born baby’s
  • People who try
  • Humblenes
  • Vintage everything basically… Cars, Music, Motorcycles, 
  • Gadgets tech and geeky stuff
  • Helping others if they try their best

Living in today’s world is really challenging but also really exiting and fun!!


Carole Mercédès
Speaker, Autor, Life and Family Coach, Wife, Mother & Athlete

Married since 1996 and Mom to 4 awesome wonderful Kids that ensure to keep me entertained and challenged 365 Days a Year
Originally from the paediatric Nurse practitioner field she Founded the Coaching Firm Baby-joy (later Baby-joy international) in 1001 to help Parents all over the world succeed the adventure of Parenting Online and at the Families homes.
Offering Coaching, health advise, Pregnancy Treatments, Birth preperations especially for couples, Designing Day Care centers, Designing Children Rooms and Advising companies on how to become a Family friendly Business with positiv effects for both parties.
As an entrepreneur by heart she keept helping others to found their Firms and in 2011 she startet Sporttaping Switzerland and later KT TAPE Suisse, Flipbelt Switzerland and Savis Solution GmbH.
2015 everything changed as she fell and now as a paraplegic is Wheelchair bound. Now she isn`t running around anymore – she now has wheels and that makes her downhill faster and uphill slower.
Forced to reorganize life she had to give up on many projects in her life… Eager to still do good she founded the Rock your movement to offer support and optimization to others in a less demanding way for her in every day life.
Freelancing and working for several Companies in the Cycling field and Coaching on the go her life still is always on edge.
Suffering under the inability to move like before due to the wheelchair, Carole started Hand biking and found a new favorite sport in it. Racing in the Swiss National Youth Team and competing all around the globe in Handbike Races got her several wins and joys toped with the Title European Champion Paracycling WH5 2016. She now Coaches a Racing Team trying to help establish a fundament for young athletes to thrive in para cycling and professionalizing the Sport and most of all the training and everyday life of the Athletes. Joining the Board of the Paracycling Handbike Tecnical Comission when asked to joined seemd like the obviouse next step.

So now you know a lot.. still not enough.. then keep scrolling and we go deeper

Studies and Schools:
Speech Patology/ Pediatric Nurse Practitioner/ Pythotherapy/ Kinesio Taping/ Managemant/ Coaching/ SEO/ WordPress/ Photoshop/ Timemanagement/ Essential Oils/ Burn specialist/ Sports Coach/ Fitness Instructor/ Aerobic Instructor/ Child Developement/ Relaxation Medthods/ First Aid/ Crisis Management/ Optimizing Companies/ Photoshop/ Leadership Developement/ Natural Leadership/ Coaching in Crisis/ Personal Developement/ Sociology/ Sexology/ Gender Studies/ International Distribution/ App developement and many more – as you can see I do like to learn 😉
Well first of all of course my Kids, People and Friendships
Just as much as I love to engage with people, and discuss and find solutions, I also love quite time on my couch, netflixing or a bath in the tub.
I am very passionate about Beach and Mountains. Both places make me happy all the way down to my soul.
I love Mountain Winters with lots of Snow – but also just as much Days on the Beach with lots of Heat.

now you already know more than most neighbors 😉


I believe in the good, I believe in Solutions and I believe in giving each other yet another chance. I also believe that every one is different and somewhere we are all a bit disabled/ not normal and that is good like that. I believe that every one has his very own personality and that comes with strengths and weaknesses. Changing one will change the other – wanted or not. That is why wanting to change is something that needs to be handled with care – especially if it comes to others. Everywhere where the Sun is is also shade – changing the Shade means changing the Sunny Side too. I believe in hope and that in the end the good will win – somehow, somewhere, sometime. I believe in God and feeling blessed to not have to fight struggles alone. I believe in Coaching and love the fact that I have been blessed with awesome coaches all around me. I do not think anyone should fight alone. I believe you are enough and should never let anyone tell you different. But all of us sometimes need some backup or support – and smart people just go and get help/ coaching or support if they need it at that time.
Learn, develop and use assistance. All smart people and businesses do. Know one can do it all. Especially not all the time…

And I believe in the power of personal development and growing a live long in it. Getting better and wiser as an exiting journey and responsibility for myself and those I love around me. I believe in getting to know yourself and starting to love you with all of what you are… optimizing yourself but in a loving way respecting your uniqueness. Sometimes you have to spoil yourself and that is why some time back I had to gift myself with a new rule set to keep me fine:  I will no longer work with people that do not want to work with me. I will not invest in People or places not ready. Use my time solely where I am wanted/ needed and welcome. If that means missing out on money or options I will pay that price happily because I finally became wise enough to value my sanity higher than superficial standards.