Carole Mercedes - Being Parents and a Couple is a Challenge..

Being Parents and a Couple is a Challenge..

Being a Parents and a Couple is not easy…

If you want to life the part of a couple not just by being a good team but also by being lovers or staying to be lovers of each other than it is even harder.

Under the amazing wonder of a Baby and all the work that comes with it many many couples fall into the trap to forget about them as a couple.
Thinking about themselves seems to go better and easier today.

The part paying the bet is often the Parents relationship.
Of curse if I am sleep deprived and smell sour sweet after baby milk and everything wobbles on my body I might not feel like becoming a vamp at night… But that one thing at night is not the only thing to make a couple feel like a couple.

Little things like setting the table nicely to eat – without it having to end there… Going for a Walk with the baby when the sun sets…
Or making it a habit to go to the Children`s room when they sleep together and just enjoy the little peaceful bundle the two of you have – together- made out of love…

Cherish time together and find little points to share togetherness and appreciation and you will see, Love is a strong plant and after winter comes spring… that`s how nature works…

There is a good reason why Professionals say – That they have seen many mistaken kids but hardly ever from happy marriages…

So keep the Love going! Keep the heat on – even if it is just a tiny little flame at some points!

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