Carole Mercedes - Dehydration because of the FLU?

Dehydration because of the FLU?

Dehydration because of the FLU…

The smaller a Child is the more careful you have to be about it…
Please be aware of Dehydration.

Checking the Hydration level in a small Child/ or elderly person is easiest done like in the picture shown… Pinch some skin on the top of the Hand and if that skin just bloops down it is fine, if it takes more than 2 seconds dehydration is on its way…
Check regularly if your Child is throwing up it will give you a good m assure on how you are doing and if it is getting worse or better.

What you serve your Child does not matter too much! Most important is to drink! Often if the Child feels bad this need a lot of patience and sometimes a little pressure – be creative…

–> *TIP: What about drinking games? (remember when you where young?
or Trick 77: Serve 3-5 different drinks and do not ask do you want do drink ask witch one do you want to drink first… Communication is the clue..
sometimes daddy doing a stupid trick or cheering along also helps to get a few extra sips.*

Sugary liquids are good, Milk is not really a drink it is food…
You can buy electrolytic drinks for Children if they like it and if you want to make one yourself: 1/3 Black Tea 1/3 Orange juice 1/3 Water and 3 pinches of salt do the job fine! (used in hospitals too)

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