Carole Mercedes - Is early Childhood development class important?

Is early Childhood development class important?

Early Childhood development not needed?

New studies from the University of Freiburg shows that early development Courses and other expensive Childhood development offers are expendable.

They do not induce what the promise is… I know that sounds very rude but –
Mothers that speak a good language (not babyish and enough), cook with the kids and just evolve them in everyday life. Go outside with the kids even just for walks and control there Media intake actually do all that`s needed…

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Here some more detailed info if you like:

The offers are amazing, from early adapter courses, to Baby swimming early language courses, talent courses and much more..
They are usually not cheap actually – many cost a huge amount of money…
It is not about them being bad but a very important message about relaxing and not feeling guilty.
This Study done under Margrit Stamm, is that low cost occupation is just as good as expensive Childhood-development Courses.
If Parents are interacting insensitively with there Children, taking care on Quality language, playing, crafting, cooking and going for walks, reading stories and controlling Media intake then you are doing just as good! As this studies shows you actually already doing optimal!
If your Child has Siblings to play with or neighbors kids around the house than even better..

Important: internal and external Care have to be looked at closely and very well fitted to each other…
That s very important to the Quality of child’s life…
For family living in a foreign Country slightly different measures apply.
There getting early adaption to the Country’s language education usually must be done outside of home, to enable a good start into the foreign country’s society. (For the parents applies the same 😉

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