Carole Mercedes - Parents need to be salesmen!

Parents need to be salesmen!

A lot of parenting is about knowing how to sell things right

Why should your kids buy what you say? Why should they want what you expect them to? Why should the understand what you mean?

Here a step for step instructions to get your selling points:

Let`s take an example of: getting the kids to give you a break after lunch. Some call this quiet time, some call it room hour almost all say it is trouble.
1st: I believe working on a good 30 minutes is a good start as soon as the kids stop making a sleeping nap after lunch.

Way to get there:

  1. Introduce the “now we have been working, had lunch and deseve a good rest” in everyday life. Make sure you start communicating what a break is and what it is good for for a few days and make sure the Child understands the positivity about a break.
  2. Start by using this regularly after Lunch
  3. Continue by baking this “break” in the Childs room because there is is much handyer because of all the toys and book. It would be much more boring in the living room (make sure this is true – the childrens room should be the best room)
  4. Continue with the Child being in the room but you don`t want to be in the way so you sit right outside and read the newspaper.
  5. Keep adding the information that for you it would be much more comfortable reading the newspaper in the living room. That you would like to have some alone time…
  6. Do not enter the Childs room anymore and if needed stay in the hallway for a while but then leave for “your room” while the child stays in “his room”.

For training a completely new behaviour a 10 Day training period is usually needed. If you get it faster be happy – but that is just the time implementing a new routine usually needs. Make sure you time a change according to your abilities and if you can`t bring up the time to do it for 10 days don`t start it.

With a simple and slow clear structured step by step selling approach it is easy to train new behaviour and grow the understanding parallel to it.

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