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RESPECT – – – > Do you know that feeling that your Children just don`t respect you enough?
Have you ever considered changing the point of view.. tried to walk in their shoes for a few minutes?

Just look at this picture.. what do you see? Sibling rivalry? An angry Child?
We know nothing about the Story behind – is it always like this? Is is just this one time? Does mommy really favor the other Child? Or Is the love to the sibling a payback for not behaving a few minutes ago (a behaviour that we meet quite often in Families – moms showing extreme love to siblings to penalize a child) ..

Instead of accusing a Child of disrespectfullness in the first place –
1. try on their Shoes…
2. Ask them why they behave the way they do
3. tell them about your impression and have a 1:1 talk

Embarrassing your Child in public, in front of the Family or Friends is very respectless and still I see it almost every day…
Are you certain you supply your Children with Respect before you ask for it in return

TIP: _Chilren above the age of 5 can be asked every once in a while whether they feel respected by you and what you could change or do better… have a nice talk regularly and you will set a fundament for great respect in their life.

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