Carole Mercedes - Senses – they are the Key

Senses – they are the Key

Senses are very important for development!

Actually they are the Key to development for Children

Depending on what we want to reach we can use the Senses to help us reach our Goals.

This enables us with healthy, needy and special needs Children. If you have a child in a troubled situation even more use those resources fallowed:
Maybe reading them you will also realize that you should change some things in your surrounding.
In counselling we realize again and again how much we can reach by just considering the surrounding and influence of the surrounding on a Child and Family.


To excite  Primary Colors, high contrast (black, white, red…), visual busy environment, bright lights.
To calm: pastel colors, little contrast, few items (one dominant to encourage organization), dim lights


To excite: Quick changes, moderate volume, noise vs. music, new sounds.
To calm: low volume, low contrast or change in beat or tempo, some research points to reggae beats as organizing.


To excite: Vanilla (excites some), Coffee for many, Lemon, peppermint
To calm: Familiar smell like mommy’s Perfume or close, Oil of clove, fresh baked scent.
Important – do avoid non-natural scents like often in scented candles.


To excite: New flavors  contrasting flavors such as cereal then yogurt then cereal again.
To calm: predictable foods, mouthwash, toothpaste.


To excite  rough (towels), new textures, light touch (almost a tickle) contrasting textures.
To calm: smooth (silk, velvet…), lotion, powder, moderate pressure and deep pressure (massage or holding)


To excite: Quick change in direction, Quick start/stop, dancing, jumping.
To calm: slow rhythmic rocking or rolling, slow replicate movement.

To remember:
Information from the environment can increase/ decrease our Alertness

Having a cleaned up and organised house is nut just about design!

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