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Sleeping Children


Primary Age Schoolchildren should get enough sleep… (at least 9 hours).
Concentration ability, learning capability and many social issues are closly accompanied with too little sleep.
Like in eating, the importance lays in the regularity of the sleep. Just like with eating habits the body also gets used to a Sleeping rhythm.

A basic lead according to most children s needs: 1st-2nd Grade around 7-8 pm 3rd and 4th grade 8-9 pm and 5th and 6th grade latest 9.30 pm

It helps a whole lot if the Bed-routine stays the same every/most days.
(Pajama, brushing teeth, story o.s.) or just something like this.
For Children such routines are important and helpful.They train behavioral patterns that make life easier for them and for you. *Falling asleep becomes easier and the sleep phases get into a good rhythm where waking up also becomes easier and more harmonic*. They offer the Child stability and a feeling of security and the Parents the well deserved closing time at the end of the day…

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