Carole Mercedes - Speaking


Carole Mercédès is a loved and experiences Speaker and knows to handle big auditoriums just as well as small groups. Her professional knowledge and her positive approach to every problem, her humour and her presence makes it a pleasure for the audience to listen to her speak.  She teaches the Audience to rock their life no matter what.

Her bookings are mostly related to the topics:

  • Parenting, Family life and Family Management

    • As Founder and Owner of Baby-joy international for over 10 year her experience clearly is quite small. Serving Clients all over the world has given her insights about Family life in many different Cultures and Countries. She Calls parenting and Family life the last real adventure and loves to guide you step by step through the topics you need.
    • Raising children with a Vision and how to use the Vision to help in everyday needs and troubles.
    • Fact oriented Parented and how it works. How to find orientation that is theory free, fact proved and love centered.
  • Life Management

    • Rocking your life isn`t always easy but listening to her speak sure makes it seem like that. Time management with the most modern tools, using technology to its best and finding motivation no matter what the deal is sure became even more advanced when life offered her a wheelchair instead of functioning legs in the middle of raising her 4 children and managing 3 Companies.
    • Time Management is key to manage your life. Understanding all the different life hats your are wearing and addressing them all in fair amounts, learning how to use your time efficiently without becoming a robot or trying to save time because time simply can not be saved… it is not like money that you can put into a bank account till you need it.
  • Social Media and Internet tools

    • Google Plus user since beta and having over 20 000 Followers on social Networks, not one of them bought or produced. Carole has a deep passion for what the Networks can do for you. As the first Parenting Coach she offered Coaching Sessions, Self aid Groups and Meetings with Parents wide across the Globe ignoring Country Boarders and Cultural difficulties making them work to her advantage. Want to know how and why it worked out?
    • Chances and Dangers of keeping your data secure, sharing life and connecting all over the world. Learning to use Social media responsibly yourself and getting wise enough to lead others into their media consumption – like your Children and coworkers.
    • Apps, Programs, Smartphones and Gadgets do have the possibility to make our life easier and more efficient — IF we learn to use them right, use the right tools and make sure that it is US controlling them and not the other way around. Get a A1A of instruction and tips to start you up on a better and more efficient use of electronics and Internet without letting the notifications and availability ruin your life.
  • Never giving up and finding Motivation in every Day life

    • why it is worth fighting, where to find motivation and how to life a life with a Vision.
    • Motivational Speeches, her life, her passion and her purpose driven self are a great source when it comes to motivate and encourage others to find motivation as a company, group or individual. As a professional Coach she also knows the tools to do it.
  • Health has many aspects…

    • Kinesio Taping is an awesome tool for Ahtletes just as well as for people with spastics, newborns and people with disability
    • Essential Oils offer great power with needing little space and producing your own Creams and Rollos is easy and effective.
    • Young family health – how to react and when to react and when to just take it easy and wait another 24 hours… let her teach you about the 72 hour princip
    • Healthy eating; living in a part of the world where plenty of food is available 24/7 and cheap food is saturated in salt, fat and sugary we do not need to learn what is healthy but how to handle our self in all of it. Come along on a fun, natural and easy journey of getting it all without much trouble and becoming healthier without giving up what you love. Outsmarting the eating availability.
    • Sport; life moves is one of her key quotes and that involves, joints, muscles, emotions and goals. Focus with her on how to implement a healthy lifestyle in a busy schedule of life as an entrepreneur, business affiliate or mom. You`ll be surprised how many options she will show you to outsmart habits, metabolism and burning calories in no time.