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Support your Kids

Supporting doesn’t mean doing the job for the other but rather enableing someone to do his/her job

Much of life is supporting. We need support in almost every phase of life.
Sometimes it’s actual help, sometimes more like guidelines and hints.

After birth parents are challanged with the most intense supportjob there is. 24h shifts with no break for a month and years.

Sometimes parents get so used to this, that they forget to decrease their help as kids grow.
support is helping to enable the other to do the job on his own
If this doesn’t happen we call that Helicopter behavior and that’s a harmful behavior because it keeps healthy development and learning away.
We do good in practicing well in supporting, coaching and letting go because…

…as life comes to the end we often need the same as we did as we started…
And we will be the one hoping for support only when we need it and no where else.

be aware and take care

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