Carole Mercedes - The secret to peaceful parenting is the number 2000

The secret to peaceful parenting is the number 2000

Why is the number 2000 the secret to peaceful Parenting?

A Child must hear something about 2000 times, until it starts to be able to make a context with the word
If you want to encourage speech and understanding make it a habit to
(whatever the age of the Child) in the Morning-routine of dressing,
Changing Diapers or eating Breakfast

Tell Your Child about the Plans of the day, what you are going to do, what you need to do, what you could do.
And at the end of the Day use the Chance to talk about the day, what you did, how you did, what you liked and what you want to do better another day.
This will not only encourage speech it will also build a habit of reflecting and planing.
3 in ONE!
that`s a great deal!
And a real Baby-joy advise!

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