Carole Mercedes - Tips for Travel with Family

Tips for Travel with Family

Family on the go can be fun with the right preparations

Creativity sure is needed if you want to travel with Children. But there is no reason to just sit home doing nothing. You wold be surprised how well Children do and how much they like it to be with you on the go. Sure we need to make sure we also offer them time to relax and routine in life. But just staying home is not going to provide this either.

Here our top 5 Tips for Family Travel

  1. Always keep your humor… loosing it is not helping you or anybody else. It is the most powerful weapon you have to fight stress and surprises. And there will be many.
  2. Be well prepared ahead. Some diapers and wipes in every Car and stroller. Some extra close over at granny`s and so on. Make sure nothing stops you from quickly leaving the house. The same with pacifiers. Some treat them as if they would cost a fortune. Have some handy in every place because if your child is used to them you’ll need them fast – wherever you are.
  3. Don’t overdo the preparations… in most Countries of today there is always a store somewhere where you could buy if you need something unexpected. Carrying every thing for every possible situation with you is going to make you slow and inflexible. And if the unexpected happens and your Baby-throws up over everything – well then that might just be the perfect excuse for some shopping 😉
  4. lower the expectations on your Children. They may get tired and a little cranky after a big day. Treat them with some fun and peace and respect after a day of travel.
  5. Stay flexible and spontaneously adjust to your and the Child`s need.

And now go out and have some fun 😉

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